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Paul Moore (DBA "Solarman") has been selling and consulting in the solar energy industry on The Big Island of Hawaii for over twenty years. He has lived in Hawaii for over twenty-nine years. His father was the lead scientist at OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion). This project utilized the difference between the warmer surface waters and the cooler deep waters of the ocean to turn a turbine. Unfortunately, this proved to be too inefficient for a large scale alternative energy supply in Hawaii.

Paul first became interested in Alternative Energy (solar, wind, and hydro) in 1986 when he bought a cabin in the mountains above Kona. There were no power lines available and so he had to research how to live "off the grid". The cabin was made comfortable with photovoltaic panels and Paul to this day is still fascinated by them. In 1988 Paul co-founded SOLARWORKS! in Oceanview, Hawaii. This area proved to be marginal for solar and windpower sales making it inevitable that he locate himself in the "off-grid" capital of Hawaii, Puna. So, Paul left Solarworks! and started Solarman that same year.

Since that time, he has sold and overseen the installation of hundreds of thousands of watts worth of solar power. In addition, he has sold many windmills and a few hydroelectric systems as well. These systems consist of both "off-grid" and utility tied "net metering systems". His projects include the largest photovoltaic array in all of Puna (an area larger than the island of Oahu) and the largest photovoltaic array in all of North Kohala. The company Solarman is concerned with the smallest cabin in the woods to the largest of commercial installations.

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